Why RapidRupee is perfect for your Christmas expenses

Why RapidRupee is perfect for your Christmas expenses

December has arrived and Christmas is just around the corner. Soon it will be time for merry-making, celebrations and family reunions. However, Christmas also brings with it additional expenses. We need to buy presents for our family members, friends & co-workers. Some of us also wish to go Christmas shopping or take a short vacation. All of this could require a little financial help and the RapidRupee app is the perfect way to cover these costs, let us explain why.

1. We don’t care if your credit score is naughty or nice.

We don’t care if your credit score is good or bad, in fact, it’s okay to not have a credit score at all. Our instant loans will still be available for you. You can get a loan and cover your Christmas expenses with ease. Santa could learn a thing or two from us!

2. You don’t need Rudolph to fly through the application process.

The only way Santa can visit each and every home on Christmas day, all the way from the North Pole, is because of his squad of Reindeers, led by Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Without Rudolph, Santa can’t fly from rooftop to rooftop delivering presents every year. However, with RapidRupee, you can fly through the application process without any reindeers; all you need is your fingertips! You can apply in 3 easy steps and get approval in minutes. There is no physical paperwork and you do not need to visit a branch.

3. You don’t need a Christmas miracle to get super-fast loans.

Our loans are super-fast! With RapidRupee, you can get the money in your account within 2 hours. So, apply, start decorating your home and by the time you’re done, your home will be Christmas ready and so will your bank account.

4. Dashing through the documentation.

The world-famous Christmas carol, ‘Jingle Bells’ starts with the line ‘Dashing through the snow, in a one-horse open sleigh, over the fields we go, laughing all the way’. You’ve probably already started humming the tune after reading that sentence.

Well, it’s a pity that most of us can’t go dashing through the snow, simply because it doesn’t snow in most parts of India. You can, however, go dashing through the documentation process of a personal loan with the RapidRupee App. This is because, unlike other lenders that require a long list of documents to provide a loan, we require just two official documents – your Aadhaar & PAN card!

5. Loans for all your Christmassy needs!

Whether it’s a small gift for a co-worker or special present for your loved ones, you can cover the cost with our instant loan. Get up to Rs. 20,000 in as little as 2 hours handle all your finance needs with ease. With the RapidRupee app, you can get quick loans and enjoy the festive season to the fullest. We hope you have amazing holiday season, good luck and Merry Christmas

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