What makes RapidRupee unique?

What makes RapidRupee unique?

There are quite a few instant loan apps out there, what so different about RapidRupee? It’s a thought that’s bound to cross your mind as a borrower. Well, let us put your doubts to rest by highlighting some standout features you can enjoy with the RapidRupee app.

1. Minimum income eligibility Rs. 10,000.

We are literally setting the bar by lowering it. We accept borrowers with a minimum monthly income of just Rs. 10,000 from any authentic source. This opens the doors to those who have just started working, students who work part-time, young entrepreneurs, etc. In addition to this, we do not require a credit score either, this further eases the eligibility criteria and ensures that India has an easy finance solution in RapidRupee.

2. Loans for salaried & self-employed.

Yes, you heard that right! While most other lenders are iffy about providing loans to self-employed individuals, RapidRupee welcomes such applicants with doors wide open. The only criterion is that, as mentioned above, they should have a minimum income of Rs. 10,000 from any authentic source.

3. Just two documents required.

Loans can be synonymous with tiresome documentation. Some lenders have lengthy paperwork and require a long list of documents in order to approve your loan application. However, we are here to change this! We provide instant loans with just two documents – your Aadhaar Card and your PAN card. Scan and upload these two documents and your documentation process is complete!

4. Loans starting from Rs. 1,000.

We understand that everyday financial needs can urgent as well! That’s why we are here for your smaller needs too! We provide loans amount starting from Rs. 1,000 – this enables you to borrow for even the smallest of needs such as grocery shopping, a dinner date, the repair bills for your two-wheeler, etc. However, just because we provide small loans, doesn’t mean you can’t depend on us when large financial needs come knocking! We also provide loan amounts up to Rs. 20,000 which can come in handy during medical emergencies, when impromptu travel plans pop-up, to cover your child’s school fees, etc.

5. Quick approvals & sanctions.

The list of unique features doesn’t end there. We also provide instant approvals and sanctions in up to 2 hours! This ensures that your urgent financial needs are addressed in a quick manner. You can rely on us when you need a quick loan!

These are just some of the features that make the RapidRupee unique! Download the app now and experience these features for yourself. Good luck and happy borrowing

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