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Apply for Instant personal loans online with RapidRupee. No credit score or branch visits required! Enjoy a completely paperless & app-based process with instant approvals. Get cash transferred directly to your bank account in as little as 30 minutes. Ready to get started?

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Instant Personal Loans from RapidRupee.

Get money when you need it with RapidRupee, one of the best personal loan apps in India. We provide quick loans with affordable rates, for almost any reason. Whether it’s paying the rent, covering vehicle repairs, taking care of bills, or even your child’s school fees – our instant personal loans have got you covered. Now you can get personal loans online in as little as 30 minutes, without any paperwork or branch visits.

Gone are the days where you had to wait for hours, days, or even weeks to get a personal loan. With us, everything is quick, convenient and easy! All you have to do is add RapidRupee to your phone. Once you have downloaded our app, a personal loan is just a couple of taps away. Paying us back is also easy – we offer comfortable tenures to ensure your repayment process is just as breezy as the application process.

A snapshot of features:

What makes RapidRupee perfect for your needs? Well, we have combined a user-friendly interface with a host of super helpful features to provide you with the smoothest borrowing experience ever. Now you can get instant personal loans online with complete ease. Here are some noteworthy benefits make RapidRupee one of the best personal loan apps in India.

  • Cash loans from ₹ 1,000 to ₹ 60,000
  • Sanctions in just 30 mins
  • No credit score required
  • Tenures from 3 to 12 months
  • Processing fee starts at just ₹ 349
  • No membership or upfront fees.

With some personal loan apps in India, getting the financial solutions you need can seem like an uphill task. But not with RapidRupee! We have a straightforward application process that you can complete within a few minutes. Apply in 4 simple steps and the money will be sent to your account in no time! This is what makes us one of the best personal loan apps in India.

Some most asked question:-

Can I have more than one loan at a time?

No, most instant personal loan apps in India will not allow you to get more than one personal loan at a time. The same goes for RapidRupee as well – an individual is entitled to take only one loan at a time. You can avail another loan once you have repaid the on-going loan. There is no cap on the number of loans you can apply for through a period of time.
  • Easy and Convenient
  • Cost transparency
  • Safe and Secure
  • Advanced IT system

We make it easy to get instant personal loans online:

  • Fill in the simple form
  • Upload Aadhaar, PAN and Selfie
  • Get instant approvals
  • Receive to your account in 30 minutes

How to repay your personal loan:

We want you to have a seamless and hassle-free borrowing experience, through and through! Therefore, besides the actual application process, we also put a lot of thought into the repayment process. Our main goal is to provide you with personal loans that you will love, and we believe a smooth repayment process is integral to this. With RapidRupee, you can opt for tenures of up to 12 months, and interest rates as low as 1% per month. This should mean smooth sailing when it comes to repaying your instant personal loan. We also offer a choice of payment gateways & banking channels, so you can repay your loan in a way you are most comfortable with.
RapidRupee is one of the best personal loan apps in India – don’t just take out word for it – go through our customer reviews! After all, the proof is in the people, right? You could also download our app yourself and join thousands of happy borrowers who have used our services to crush their cash crunches. And remember to tell us about your borrowing experience; your feedback will help us deliver better finance solutions in the future!


Instant personal loans are just a tap away. Download the app now!

Whatever your finance needs, our personal loan app is all you require. Apply with ease, get approvals in the blink of an eye and get the money in your account in just 2 hours.

RapidRupee is your friend in finance, we make it easy to get the money you need and easier to repay it. We don’t require credit scores and we welcome self-employed, salaried, and first-time borrowers as well. Ready to get started?

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