Feedback From Our Customers

Sofiya Nadeem

“I love the app! Very helpful in an emergency! Fast and secure salary advance loans. I recommend everyone to try it.”

Prathamesh Rane

“I wanted to take an advance salary loan in India, and a friend suggested RapidRupee. I have never stopped using this app ever since!”

Priya Yadav

“Thank you so much team for the quick action on my advance salary application! My application was approved as well as disbursed on the same day!”

Mohit Sharma

“I recomment rapidrupee to anyone who is looking to take an advance salary loan, it is really helpful!”

Sridhar Muppaneni

“Awesome advance salary app. I got a loan of 6000 within 2 hours after approval. I’m very happy. The application process also very simple. Those who want emergency money definitely can go through this app.”

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